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Pet Friendly Perth

Episode: 8
Broadcast: 12 June 2016
Presenter: Matt Hale

In this segment Matt takes you around Perth with his eight-year-old golden retriever to show us some dog-friendly activities.

  • There are lovely dog parks all over Perth.
  • Riverside Gardens in Bayswater is one of the many great dog parks that offers hectares of greenery. There’s also a doggy beach, and barbecues for the humans.
  • Pet Lovers Café in Maylands, is owned by Natalie Goodall and her husband.
  • They wanted to open somewhere where you could take your pet to have a meal.
  • The menu includes a Bark-A-Latte, which is a lactose free milk that is okay for dogs with a special in-house-made treat sprinkled on top.
  • There are also birthday cakes made by Go Fetch Bakery.
  • They also cater for birthday parties every weekend with high tea platters with all human grade ingredients.
  • The café also offer training on weekends for timid and high energy, as well as an on-site groomer.
  • There is a café at the front of the shop that is pet free that offers a full café menu.
  • You can also join the dogs in their area if you do not have your own dog.

For more information visit their website