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Masonmill Cafe

Episode: 8
Broadcast: 12 June 2016
Presenter: Caty Price

Caty takes us for a stroll through the Masonmill gardens as she introduces us to Masonmill café in the Perth hills.

  • The gardens offer ten acres to explore, cared for by three gardeners.
  • There is manicured, French-style hedging and rustic walkways.
  • There is a koi pond that is home to about 120 fish from babies to grown ups up to 6cm long. The challenge is to find Rambo, the biggest fish of them all. Fish food can be bought at the shop for $2.50.
  • Masonmill is family-friendly and includes a small playground.
  • The original site operated as a rose nursery, and the old tearooms have been completely transformed into a modern and classy family restaurant.
  • The owners drew inspiration from Europe and also Margaret River.
  • One crowd favourite in the restaurant is steak on a stone and there are three specials a day with as much locally sourced produce and ingredients as possible.
  • There are five areas that events such as weddings, can be done in.
  • The restaurant has four different areas, each surrounded by the gardens or forest.

For more information visit their website