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The Tale of Two Cities and the Ever Elusive Nugget

Episode: Absolute Gold Special
Broadcast: 13th November 2015
Presenter: Sam Longley

Who hasn’t dreamt of taking a leisurely stroll through the bush, and whole kicking up the dirt with your Blundstones accidentally unearthing a gold nugget as big your fist?

  • Gold and Kalgoorlie-Boulder go hand in hand. Being in the middle of the WA outback, this vibrant oasis has a rich history and architecture that has been beautifully restored.
  • With more to see in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, the best way to get around is on the Loopline tram. Offering entertaining and informative commentary as well as numerous stops throughout the city, this is the best way to get to know West Australia’s golden mile.
  • The Super Trucks are what they use to haul ore in the super pit at Hannan’s North Tourist mine, this is a great place to bring the family and see mining up close.
  • Dynamite, diggers and dump trucks maybe the way of the future when it comes to mining but the Goldfields were settled using hand tools and some very basic techniques. At Hannan’s tourist mine, visitors can be given the opportunity to get their hands dirty and pan for gold.

Kalgoorlie Tourism – Super Pit:

Loopline Tram: