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The Rec Hotel

Episode: Absolute Gold Special
Broadcast: 13th November 2015
Presenter: Sam Longley

Sam pays a visit to The Rec Hotel in Kalgoorlie Boulder, which makes some terrific handmade pizza.

  • The Rec Hotel was founder in 1898, serving up great food and hospitality.
  • Owners Arian and Laurie have managed and owned the pub since 1990, the pub itself has had multiple owners throughout the years since its original establishment.
  • The Rec is packed with locals and tourists alike, and this family-friendly outpost suits everybody.
  • The Rec Hotel is a Kalgoorlie Boulder institution has seen a great deal of Kalgoorlie’s history while serving both great food and drink. If you’re in the area, drop by and experience a true isolated culinary experience.

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