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Innovator of The Year Award Ceremony

Episode: Absolute Gold Special
Broadcast: 13th November 2015
Presenter: Caty Price

A large part of what makes WA so special is its people, not because of our friendly and generally laid back way of life, but because we also boast some of the leading minds in the world.

  • Whether they are creative, entrepreneurs or scientists, the brightest of those are celebrated at the annual WA Innovator of The Year Award ceremony at Kings Park.
  • The WA Innovator of the Year Program is dedicated to providing support and fostering innovators and entrepreneurs across our state. From cutting edge cancer treatments to innovative apps and clever technologies, they just make our lives better.
  • The winner of these awards have gone on to have major impacts even on a global scale, businesses that have had no sales have turned into multi-million dollar companies, the possibilities are endless.
  • Next year marks the program’s 10-year anniversary of turning great ideas into reality and putting WA and its innovators and industry on the map.
  • In addition to recognition for their achievement, winners receive prize money, mentoring, training and assistance promoting their product.

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