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City Street Art

Episode: Absolute Gold Special
Broadcast: 13th November 2015
Presenter: Sam Longley

Over the past few years, the street art scene, in Perth City, has exploded and now boasts an impressive collection of public art. From giant green monoliths to urban street art, Perth has become a living gallery and destination for art lovers.

  • With new works constantly being commissioned, there is always something to fire the imagination and keep you looking out for the unexpected.
  • The arts organisation form has commissioned new works of art around the city and regional WA to demonstrate how creativity can transform communities.
  • For over 40 years, form has developed and advocated for creative pursuits throughout Western Australia.
  • The Public Artist and Artworks program aims to explore creativity as a catalyst for generating public good, as well as exploring how creativity can benefit the shaping of our places, the connectivity and vibrancy of our communities, the skills and confidence of our emerging talent and the living social environments we share.

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