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One Arm Point Hatchery The Aarli Mayi Project

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 23rd October 2015
Presenter: Eamon Sullivan

With expansive mangrove systems, coral and sea life, the Dampier Peninsula is the perfect place to experience the massive tidal flows of the King Sound and marine life. One Arm Point or Ardyaloon as it is called in Bardi is the northern most tip of Dampier Peninsula where the Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Center is located and where one can learn about the local marine life.

  • The Kimberley saltwater people; the Dambimangari, Mayala and Bardi Jawi are the traditional custodians of Ardyaloon and these proud cultures have strong and long history of managing and protecting the marine life.
  • The Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Center is continuing their tradition, by giving tourists an opportunity to learn about local fish species with hope they will be better protected.
  • Through a lot of perseverance, the hatchery started in 1992 to grow Trochus shells and locals had a license to pick the shell and export it to the high fashion button industry. They replaced the shell back on the reef so the stock was not depleted to a point where it wasn’t going to regenerate itself.
  • The fish species available here at the hatchery for tourist are the Barramundi Cod, archer fish and butter moll. They also have big shells that are on the reef- the big conch and the big trumpet.
  • Operating since 1992, the Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery allows you to observe and feed fish you would rarely have the opportunity to see. Ardyaloon is also well known for its beautiful polished jewelry, made from the trochus shells that are farmed right here.
  • The Kimberley Saltwater Country people are in the process of developing an aquaculture project that once operational, will have 13,000 tonnes of fin fish and employ approximately 500 people when in full production.

Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Center: Contact – 0497 865 110
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