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Albany Lighthouse, Breaksea Island

Episode: 7
Broadcast: 26th April
Presenter: Tod Johnston

As Anzac Day approaches, Tod visits Breaksea Island off Albany, home to the Albany Lighthouse and birthplace of an intriguing story.

  • Late 1914, over 40,000 Anzacs left from Albany to contribute to the Great War, for some, their last glimpse of Australia would have been Breaksea Island. 
  • At the highest point of the island, a lighthouse stands idle, over 100 years old. It is a replacement of the old lighthouse that was built 1858 by convicts.
  • Dianne Wolfer is a local author who was compelled to write the book, Lighthouse Girl, a story about Faye Howe, the lighthouse girl, who once lived on the island.
  • The book had also inspired another story, The Giants from Royal De Luxe, a three-day event, which was held during the Perth International Arts Festival.

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