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Giving West

Episode: 7
Broadcast: 16th November
Presenter: Tod Johnston

West Australians are renown as being fantastic givers, think about the different charities that you support, such as Soup Kitchens, while the community gets together to help out with the event, somebody needs to step in and handle organisation. That’s where Giving West comes into play.

  • Around 2009, a group of Western Australians both in businesses and communities sector felt that giving in WA was not matching the economic success in the state and that we were stingy compared to other states, so they got together and decided to do something about it.

  • The ideal behind Giving West is to promote good giving, to connect people and educate others on how to go about doing things for others.

  • Giving West facilitates the connection between businesses and people by putting you in touch with the sorts of organisations you’d like to support based on your emotions and your causes.

  • If you’re a corporation, Giving West can help you by putting you in touch with volunteer programs or people that can help you with that. And if you’re a simple West Aussie, just wanting to support a cause, you can donate directly online on their website.