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Core Cider - MyattsField Vineyard

Episode: 2
Broadcast: 12th October
Presenter: Anna Gare

Lovers of WA wine all know about the great Southern Region and of course, the Margaret River region, but here’s one you may have never heard of and it’s most definitely worth exploring.

Core Cider

  • Located behind the town of Kalamunda, the Bickley Valley comprises ten boutique wineries, and a cider house that can all be discovered along this trail.
  • The orchard has been in the hands of the Della Franco family for over 75 years.
  • Core Cider holds a variety of events, eats and bookings, online shop, Functions and Weddings.

MyattsField Vineyard

  • Young winemakers Josh and Rachael Davenport, who have established their two vineyards and 40 tonne winery in the area.
  • Josh’s great great grand parents were orchadists in Harvey
  • Winery specializes in Spanish and Portugese style. This is due to the perfect climate and their mutual love of these types of wine.
  • Josh is ripped out his fathers citrus orchard to plant vines which was controversial at the time
  • The Strawberry Fayre is held on the first Sunday of October


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