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Lucky Bay Brewery

Story: Lucky Bay Brewery
Episode: 13
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 16 January 2022

The region immediately around Esperance is home to some of the finest farming lands in the country, producing world-class grain crops. Trevor visits an iconic local brewery in the area that uses WA grains.

  • Lucky Bay Brewery is located 10 minutes on the outskirts of town and has become a very popular destination for locals and visitors.
  • The venue is family and pet friendly and is a place of gathering to enjoy what Esperance has to offer.
  • The unique architecture, lawn playing field, and interactive landscaping create an experience for the whole family.
  • At Lucky Bay Brewery they source-specific grain for a specific product and the vast majority is from farmers nearby in Esperance.
  • The brewery runs tours to educate visitors about its history, how they manage to keep the beer local, and educate on the wide world of beer.
  • The tour takes visitors through their philosophy, the production facility and allows people to taste the various beers they produce such as their infamous “Lockdown lager”.
  • It’s a great destination for a celebration or even a corporate gathering.
  • Lucky Bay Brewery has live music every Friday and Sunday. Local and visiting musicians play in an intimate acoustic style.

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