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Glass Art with Cindy Poole

Story: Glass Art with Cindy Poole
Episode: 13
Presenter: Jo Beth Taylor
Air Date: 16 January 2022

Jo Beth visits a spectacular recycled glass art gallery in Esperance that is literally turning trash into treasure.

  • The Cindy Pool Glass Gallery is only 5 minutes from the town of Esperance, where local glass artist, Cindy, has been designing and creating stunning works since the early 90s.
  • Cindy explains that Glass draws her in because of its unique beauty and endless possibilities.
  • She says she has learned to use glass as a vessel to bring ideas and concepts to life and transform her inner world into purposeful, beautiful objects and experiences.
  • Cindy Poole now runs a recycled sustainability initiative which she has worked on over the last three years.
  • Recycled products made from glass bottle waste are now fully integrated into her body of work and provide broader sustainability solutions.
  • Cindy Poole highlights the role of collaborative supply chains in building community ownership and new opportunities. For example, she sources glass material from; the local Esperance Distillery, Lucky Bay Brewery, Hospitality Inn (water carafes), etc.
  • Visitors can take the Discover &Create Tour. The tours run for approximately 2hrs and finishes with a glass of bubbles.

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