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Old Coast Road Brewery

Story: Old Coast Road Brewery
Episode: 5
Presenter: Jo Beth Taylor
Air Date: 21 November 2021

The Old Coast Road Brewery is perfectly situated between Perth and WA’s South West. On her journey through the Harvey region, Jo Beth stops off here for a classic pint.

  • It’s the ideal venue to enjoy family lunches and locally brewed beer, all while soaking up the relaxed atmosphere on a gorgeous 60-acre property.
  • Since 2006, Old Coast Road Brewery has won countless awards both locally and nationally for their classic “true to type” beers.
  • “true to type” beers are of a more traditional style of beer.
  • Ivanka Harris from the Old Coast Road Brewery stated that many breweries are brewing unusual beers, whereas Old Coast focuses on brewing beers matching the classic European beers.
  • The classic Nitro stout is a crowd-pleaser at The Old Coast Road Brewery. It is smoother and creamier than the other beers on offer.
  • In 2020, Old Coast Road Brewery opened an 18-hole minigolf course that pays tribute to some of WA’s most iconic man-made and natural attractions.
  • Through the summer months the Old Coast Road Brewery host local musicians over the weekends.

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