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Kaleidoscope World Fashion

Story: Kaleidoscope World Fashion
Episode: 3
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 7 November 2021

Art is used to tell stories that can transcend time and space. Carmen attends a creative World Fashion show in Perth that embraces diversity and offers a place for people’s voices to be heard.

  • Boola Bardip , Western Australia’s newly re-furbished museum, was named to reflect its status as a place containing many stories.
  • Kaleidoscope World of Fashion’s show: Bring the Painting Alive is produced exclusively for the WA Museum to share the stories of many, including first nations and culturally and language-diverse designers.
  • Astrid Tshidibu, the creative director of Kaleidoscope, created the event to help people find their voice and share their stories with the community. Astrid wants to put Perth on the map as the artistic city in Australia.
  • The name ‘Kaleidoscope World of Fashion’, was chosen because by Astrid Tshidibu because she believed it best reflected all the different cultures and colours that would be represented on the evening.
  • The event is about displaying a cultural fashion show, not selling, or trying to promote any business.
  • Kaleidoscope World of Fashion show is more than just an event, it’s an experience! The show supports creativity, hosting a dynamic network of professional mentors who support emerging artists into the industry.