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Eat Greek

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 11th October
Presenter: Anna Gare

  • Eat Greek, a riverside restaurant in East Fremantle is a place where you can tie up your boat. It’s owned and run by the Zanthis family
  • Forty years ago, Leon Xanthis’ father and mother immigrated to South Africa where they opened a same concept restaurant that the Xanthis family has here in WA.
  • The Xanthis family migrated to Western Australia 10 years ago, and it was tough for them in the beginning, the decision to open a Greek restaurant in Perth on the water was a big risk and a big challenge the family undertook, but deep down, they knew it would be successful.
  • The Greek Kitchen consists of hallmark dishes like Lemon Chicken, the Greek Spinach Pie (Spanakopita) and Greek Meatballs. If you’re new to Greek food and have trouble committing to one main dish then the buffet makes it very easy.
  • Once your bellies are filled with Greek goodness, a Saturday night at Eat Greek can quickly turn into one of those Greek celebrations with wine, song, dancing and some serious crockery smashing.


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